Sasta Maal Best Maal!!

Latest news in that Indian metal would now be available in just 10 freakingly-cheap bucks!!

Really gotta hand it to these guys for actually creating a market for metal from scratch, especially in a country where Bollywood is the big daddy of the music industry and where people would actually prefer Mika over \M/etal… To each his own choice but, sad state of affairs really!

Here’s where it is all available:Β

I haven’t bought yet anything myself but Devoid, Albatross, Demonic, etc. are all available, and merchandise too.

The real question is would it be a sellout? After all nothing is cheaper than free, and the net has but a vast scope of piracy.

Buy it Cheap and Support Indian Metal!! At least till they rise the prices, for frankly its a loot!! πŸ˜€


4 responses to “Sasta Maal Best Maal!!

  1. I am actually a shameless lover of this kind of piracy! πŸ™‚
    95% of my iPod is proof of that! πŸ˜›
    Unless it’s some timeless classic, which can be preserved through the ages, I don’t think it’s worth spending money on.. we should learn from the fate of the once ruler in music circulation.. ‘the cassette’!
    Cheers.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Well i guess someone has to introduce good music in India. Well people tend to prefer Mika over metal cause thats all what they have come across. And i really don’t mind spending 10 bucks.

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