Artillerie’s Debut! (& Gig)

New Delhi based band Artillerie has announced the release of their debut album “Eradefiled” with a 9 song tracklist being:

  • The Impelled
  • Phalanx of Chaos
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Hate Imbrued
  • Tormentor
  • Uninhibited
  • Lapse
  • Winter of Silence
  • Life to these Bones

It would be released on the 7th of November, hard copies and free downloads available! (I love the latter option :D)

I liked their previous EP “New Offensive”, but not liked it to death-sorts.  Hopefully this would blow my mind away! And also that they give us a little preview on this album at their upcoming gig on Sunday.

Dilli-walon turn up at the Double Decker at South-Ex. Link to the gig info –  Facebook Event

Source: MetalIndia

ps. read the gig review here : review at Metalochak!

The Quantum Hack Code


Amogh Symphony is out with the promo to their latest venture “The Quantum Hack Code”. Going to be fucking EPIC! As usual :D.

Video is weird. Too matrix-y. A chic with a hot voice goes on a barrage about human being trapped and stored, contained. Matrix-y, like I said.  Then again the outro does give a feel of incoming onslaught. Looking forward to this!

Their Myspace page : Amogh @myspace

India achieves Salvation!

Need more be said?! I think that yet again Madras is way ahead with Salvation, than Mumbai with Katatonia and Delhi’s Textures! 😀

Opeth all over again people..

Pain of salvation!! is touring India this January with gigs at IIM Lucknow and IIT Chennai on 22nd and 29th of January respectively. Most probably a promo gig for their new album Road Salt One. The above song is “Sisters”, quite a popular track although I preferred “Used”. No double meaning :D.

For those of you unaware of Pain of Salvation, progressive metal. Good stuff!

Give them a listen at their Myspace page: Pain of Salvation

Source: MetalIndia

Behemoth’s new DVD

News is abound about a new DVD due this November of Behemoth’s containing a total of about 5 hours of continuous death/black carnage! \m/

It would be going by the name “Evangelia Heretika”, featuring two full shows, music videos, documentaries and backstage footages!

Got this straight from Not much information given there either. Hoping it’ll be worth and more than the 5 hours it promises!

BIG 4 DVD footage available!



Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth have posted a free video which had various link for download, but i found the above version on youtube. Use or whatever to download this!

US users get weird advantages over, god knows why, anyway we’ll have to wait for the their DVD to release : BIG 4: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria. Till then…


Prog-Rock Fans listen up!

Silver Tears, hailing from Guwahati are the latest meat on the block (along with Guillotine, I’ll come to them later). This band has been creating a lot of buzz in the Indian metal community, especially with supremely distinctive sound when compared to most of the upcoming bands here in India. Granted they are now on a totally different genre, but a change is never annihilative :D.

Their music is definitely different. Give it a listen here: Silver Tears – Reverbnation

I found it spunky frankly. Vocals kinda high (that could be a fault with the recording equipment too) but otherwise no glitches. Not the usual death/doom/thrash/atmospheric/black stuff that I entertain myself with daily. For me it’s a pleasant change, not a permanent one though ;).

Anyway their EP is due soon “Dirt Beyond Beauty”, 30th of this month in fact and the best part is that it’s free! free! FREE!! :D. So in case you did like the sound of Silver Tears do download their EP.

Their Facebook page : Silver Tears


Mors Principium Est – The Unborn [2005]

This being the second album by this band, I’m sorry to say but it hasn’t impressed me much. It has garnered good reviews but I stand otherwise, not because of their music, but of the lack of novelty in this new venture of theirs.

Their previous album, Inhumanity, was breath of fresh air! Their influences are easily spotted but the subtlety with which they managed to merge the various styles of Dark Tranquility, In Flames, etc was worth commending.

The Unborn, however, failed to bring about anything new. That, together with their cover “Blood of Heroes”,originally by Megadeth, brings an end to their cons.

Music-wise, impressive. A fan would not be disappointed at the sound of this album, industrial, destructive, sepulchral. Vocals are spine chilling at points specially when female ones come in play ( done by Maiju Tommila). Like I state before, riffs aren’t new, but if considered as an extension to the previous album, they are well enough to be stated as creative.

Work on the keys is impressive. Although, the music does get bland at certain points. This music isn’t the type that would get you a wild mosh pit, but sufficiently high and head banging. In my opinion, this album epitomizes the cons of modern melodeath. It is too predictable. Other than that not much can be said about this album.

I’m looking forward to listening to Liberation = Termination, their most recent album. Hopefully it would be impressive!

I’d rate this album at 5/10.