Lacuna Coil and Cynic!! In India!

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Lacuna Coil, Gothic freaking metal from Italy is gonna get crowds grooving/head banging to their music and I shall be missing all the action sitting on my ass surfing youtube hoping for decent quality uploads just like when LOG and Amon Amarth came and massacred the Indian metal community at Bangalore. I wish i was there to witness the carnage. Here’s the link for lacuna coil’s gig (24th October):

Cynic. Respect. The Gods of progressive metal, as old as Opeth (3 years older in fact), they have got to be one of the first bands that got me into progressive and left a mark on me. Awesome music, awesome gigs. And I shall again be missing it. Almost like its my thing to miss the best things that happen in life. Here’s the link to its gig at the IMC, Goa. (17th November)


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