Rendezvous. Respect.

This is no big news or anything, but just general awe at the might of being an IIT hosted event :D.

This year in celebration of their (IIT’s) Golden Jubilee, Rendezvous 2010 (IIT D fest) has been holding prelims nation wide. That itself being quite a big feat, their Delhi prelims (19th October) are actually going to be like a mini GIR (of old times, when GIR was a competiton). A UK based band going by the name De Profundis is actually going to headline the event, that being the prelims.

I have never heard this band, so would comment on their skills as such. Their music is pretty neat though so its not a meager deal. Here’s a link to their myspace profile : De Profundis

Dates to other venues in India where they would be performing are also given. Give it a look and a listen.

Very impressive IIT Delhi, hopefully the finale would be just as kickass!


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