Putrid Pile – The Pleasure in Suffering [2006]

The album was released in 2006, and was met with huge anticipation from the growing numbers of fans heading towards grindcore as such, especially in the US. Being produced by one man (Shaun LaCanne, ex-Numskull) it was quite a success, not to mention it had a big backing label “Goregiastic Records”.

Of the artist and the album as such, Putrid Pile depicts a masochistic and violent theme in most of their albums. The Pleasure in Suffering being no different, one can easily make out the theme of the album by name of it itself. Lyrics were all about mindless gore and psychopathic anger based rampages with necrophilia for some reason, being one of the main motives of the crimes described in the tracks. It does strike as quite a passion for the lyricist (Shaun himself if I’m not mistaken).

Coming to their music, it is awesome. I had posted the video of their track- Food for the Maggots (Squeal like a Pig!) which is my favourite track in the album. To an experienced ear, one would realize exactly how different this album is when compared to most brutal death/ grindcore albums. The music isn’t just the noise and the beat that you get from a band typical to this genre, it is much more creative and theme oriented. A murder or the perverted rapes would have the apt instrumentation in the background. One more feature that I liked about this album was that it is short. In about 30 minutes the entire brute ostentation is over, because frankly there is only this much of sodomy and strangulation a guy can take at a time.

The cons to this album, like other brutal death albums would be, one- lyrics are senseless. Fine if the theme is necrophilia, do it, just write it out in a manner that actually makes sense or is in some manner smart (although the validity to this point can be questioned since the vocals are gutturals and bree, stuff from which people cannot derive any meaning from anyway). Also, this particular album did get monotonous in the middle for a couple of tracks. Be all out merciless if you have to be in this particular genre!

Either way this does remain in one of the better halves of this vast genre. Do give it a listen, definitely worth that half an hour!

Rating- 6.5/10


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