Yes, Of course Opeth is shitty! :|

Metal as a genre has always stood for a rebel, a revolution. It was first started in the 60’s as liberation from society as such, a new sound, and a change. Now it is a phenomenon, gigs everywhere, ideas and opinions running amuck. This is one musical style which has never gained mass popularity (even Scandinavia, trust me), always an underground movement. And yet you come across idiots here too!

This is the one place where no one takes any shit from others. Everyone has a say and everyone is biased. Yet I was surprised that one could get ridiculed if they listened to a band supposedly “not underground”. I laughed out! By this I mean, people actually laugh if you say you’re a Nile fanatic or that you find Dimmu’s music entrancing. Apparently it isn’t “underground”. Now exactly what the fvck is that supposed to mean?

I’m sure those of you reading this have come across this group of people, even here in India. Quite a common sight specially in fan forums and hate forums alike.

We are THE fvcking underground! A further reference to the underground in our case would be the gigantic platform on which multitudes of amateur to semi-pro bands battle it out trying to make it big and to the apparently ridiculed larger stage :D. This is rampant amongst the newbies which might be giving them a good exposure but also an extremely bloated up ego as an additional package. Noobs who think they know metal because they listen to dumbshit start up bands and own a couple of tees with some vague grindcore bands printed across their chests, are so freaking common now, it’s really annoying. Like a mosquito buzzing during the cusp of sleep.And the problem is not their listening to it, I’m a firm believer of “to each his own”. It is their constant bragging and egotism that really gets me bummed.

My suggestion to this lot would be to get off their high horse, actually bother listening to music they proclaim to worship and compare. More scrobbles on ain’t a sign that you’re a metalhead. Grow up.

Lastly, what I’d say is that if they cannot appreciate the masters then they have no business here. What are so called “underground” but a bunch of bands influenced and wannabe bigger-bands? So the idiot backing the former without any regards to the latter has got to be a fool.

And I rest my case.

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