India achieves Salvation!

Need more be said?! I think that yet again Madras is way ahead with Salvation, than Mumbai with Katatonia and Delhi’s Textures! 😀

Opeth all over again people..

Pain of salvation!! is touring India this January with gigs at IIM Lucknow and IIT Chennai on 22nd and 29th of January respectively. Most probably a promo gig for their new album Road Salt One. The above song is “Sisters”, quite a popular track although I preferred “Used”. No double meaning :D.

For those of you unaware of Pain of Salvation, progressive metal. Good stuff!

Give them a listen at their Myspace page: Pain of Salvation

Source: MetalIndia


2 responses to “India achieves Salvation!

  1. dude Katatonia. Period.

    Go to last fm or facebook fan page. Katatonia has threefold fans than PoS. However Il be there for both the gigs \m/.
    I love PoS as much as I love Katatonia

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