Albatross – Dinner is You [2010]

Finally got my hands on Dinner is You. Quite a delay in receiving it, but then again given Diwali and Patiala, I couldn’t hope for more!

Ok. Let’s start with the theme. Cannibal king and his escapades! The first two tracks are all about death to visitors to the Master. The latter half narrates how the Master undergoes a trial where he feeds on the judge and subsequently on (supposedly) a man of the law. Lyrics are amazing! What a scene to depict in an album!

Vocals. I like the imitation “Welcome to Kuru…… Dinner is You!!”. It reminded me of the clown in  Dethklok. Personally, not my favourite of styles of narrating but I guess it is best suited of the  atmosphere this EP creates, one of horror and death (although I should add comic too, lyrics really  got me laughing!)

Music as such is slow paced in the beginning, reminds you of a predator about to pounce on its prey.  The album builds up pace after the master starts his assault. Smooth and suave he kills and eats, and  soon the Master’s ghastly acts are presented in the court of Kuru. Here the sound again gains quite a  mellow yet infernal feel to it. It builds up to the climax where the Master (*spoiler alert*) turns out to be the king of the cannibals :D. Awesome shit!!

Literally breaking down to each instrument, the guitar patch set the pace and the mood. Percussions were neat, but that’s it.

This EP was something I was not expecting, conceptual, temperamental and best of all gory. Not like grindcore themes but yeah comic-gory.

All in all a 8/10 for a kickass effort!

Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa [2010]

A long awaited album, Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa is definitely not was I was anticipating. I’ve never  been a diehard COF addict, but I’ve heard my share of their songs. This being arguable as I’m a big  Dimmu fan, and to most ears, they are one and the same band. I beg to differ, but I’m not going down  that road right now.

What I was expecting from this album was a fast paced, goth fest. I’m happy to say that this album  wouldn’t be heard by those covered in white facemasks and straight black hair only :D.

No, don’t misunderstand me. The theme of this very concept  album is a gothic horror story.

Based on Lilith (Eve of Jewish  folklore), the lyrics are definitely subversive and very much  showing her as a demon after us. But music wise this album is  didn’t overdo their “GOTH”.

Cradle of Filth has done a decent job with the music. Very rarely  do I like gothic elements in a song, and yes some places it is  overdone, too much for my taste, but overall pretty neat! I love  Martin’s work on the drums. Most places it was a very banal and  unnoticeable beat and then there were places where he goes off  and how!

Vocals aren’t any different from any other album. Couldn’t  expect much of a change there anyway even with latest, Ellyllon  taking the backing. Keys, on a personal level, I like. “Mistress from the Sucking Pit” has a really neat intro with the keys. I like them to sound they way they are (piano like) and not like the cathedral chamber organs most bands use them as. Sick.

Nonetheless, this album is not an improvement over the last. Nothing that really got my blood burning, nothing that got me excited enough to rate this album more than a 6.5/10.

Double Decker Mayhem! (Artillerie GIG Review)

Artillerie live after a long time, I guess I had my hopes up too high or the gig was downright depressing. It was like some small town show, tucked away in the midst of Eastern UP or Bihar. Ok, maybe not that bad, but yeah get my point. The venue “Double Decker” was pretty neat, much more space than the cramped up Café Morrison, loads of space to wreak havoc if given the right stimulus. Unfortunately, the stimulus wasn’t much to my taste.

(ps. There was a change in the lineup, Under Siege went last)

Thy..Chaos. opened the gig with 4 tracks whose I titles I couldn’t comprehend. They sounded like a promising band with good tracks up their sleeve, I’m assuming they were OCs. Good music! but their influences were so traceable, with a lot of LOG and Slayer like material, only blander. I liked the vocals but not an extent were I’d go crazy nuts. The guy on the percussion put me off. Not extremely creative, I’m not much aware of this band’s experience but assuming they’re amateurs in this field I’d say an polite-applaud able performance.

Next up was Phobia. I had heard ravings about this band from a multitude of friends, and I myself saw them live once earlier. Sadly they did not cheer me up much. I did get a laugh looking at the lead guitarist though. Setting aside his skill (them being pretty neat), his emo haircut cut really made laugh my ass out. Reminded me of this video by a band called attack attack! :

Gay shit :D. Anyway when it comes to their music, it was tight. The guy on the vocals did an awesome job although the clean one’s were not to my taste. I mean I Disliked (bordering on detest) them. Bassy did a good job, leveled up well with the drummer. They ended with Ozac’s Razor or something similar sounding, sweet end! They managed to build up a bit of excitement and more people were participating in the mosh. They went out with a cliché end – “use a condom” or something along those lines. Blargh. Give these guys a listen here @ Phobia myspace

Artillerie. Where do I begin? Armed with Jackson Stars, the band got on stage and it looked as though the next one hour would absolute carnage. Un-fucking-fortunately the speakers started fucking up. Really trashy thing to happen. After a song, some random guy was managing the sound system trying to prevent the speakers from tearing apart, they couldn’t take the bass and the lead was either inaudible or too shrill. Bummer.

Nonetheless, Noble Luke did bring life to this nearly dead gig. His entry always is pretty malevolent, with his serpentine tongue dangling out. The drums were fuck awesome! Absolutely novel beats and quite gelled with the guitar duo. But like I said, the lead wasn’t too audible. Plus by now I was up ahead right next to the band, going nuts and not giving a fuck in the world anyway! 😀 Mosh got interesting but then came the factor of too-less people. I’ll come back to the crowd later. From favourites like “New Offensive” to brand new stuff from their latest album, “Temple of Zeus” and “Winter of Silence”, the band kept us to standing, headbanging, moshing. I also noticed that these newer tracks were quite fresh, not the usual batch of tracks that one would’ve expected. I’d say Artillerie is definitely going with their proclaimed Experimental/Thrashcore genre. Gives me another reason to look forward to their album!

Under Siege performed after Artillerie, some technicality I guess. Anyway it was my misfortune that I did not get to see them perform. Progreesive from the sound of it, I retired after their sound check, a Dream Theatre cover. I later thought that maybe they would’ve been worth the wait. Anyway…

This was the good part. Now comes the crowd. What a load of nimrods. I swear to God Delhi has an awesome metal community, but somehow not many turned up. And those who did didn’t know a fuck as to what was going on. There was this one guy who stood out, resembled the fat perv roommate in the movie “Young People Fucking” :D. His hand was up when there was no shit on the speakers. And then dancing, I repeat dancing like a maniac when there was sound. Real mood killer.

So basically, stupid crowd and useless sound system messed up a what looked to be a pretty neat gig.

(pps. The hotbox (yes, there is something of a hotbox there)  on the floor above should have been bigger mate!)

I would rate this gig about 6.5/10.

C’mon Delhi you can do better.

And best of luck Artillerie with their latest album ERADEFILED.