Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa [2010]

A long awaited album, Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa is definitely not was I was anticipating. I’ve never  been a diehard COF addict, but I’ve heard my share of their songs. This being arguable as I’m a big  Dimmu fan, and to most ears, they are one and the same band. I beg to differ, but I’m not going down  that road right now.

What I was expecting from this album was a fast paced, goth fest. I’m happy to say that this album  wouldn’t be heard by those covered in white facemasks and straight black hair only :D.

No, don’t misunderstand me. The theme of this very concept  album is a gothic horror story.

Based on Lilith (Eve of Jewish  folklore), the lyrics are definitely subversive and very much  showing her as a demon after us. But music wise this album is  didn’t overdo their “GOTH”.

Cradle of Filth has done a decent job with the music. Very rarely  do I like gothic elements in a song, and yes some places it is  overdone, too much for my taste, but overall pretty neat! I love  Martin’s work on the drums. Most places it was a very banal and  unnoticeable beat and then there were places where he goes off  and how!

Vocals aren’t any different from any other album. Couldn’t  expect much of a change there anyway even with latest, Ellyllon  taking the backing. Keys, on a personal level, I like. “Mistress from the Sucking Pit” has a really neat intro with the keys. I like them to sound they way they are (piano like) and not like the cathedral chamber organs most bands use them as. Sick.

Nonetheless, this album is not an improvement over the last. Nothing that really got my blood burning, nothing that got me excited enough to rate this album more than a 6.5/10.


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