Albatross – Dinner is You [2010]

Finally got my hands on Dinner is You. Quite a delay in receiving it, but then again given Diwali and Patiala, I couldn’t hope for more!

Ok. Let’s start with the theme. Cannibal king and his escapades! The first two tracks are all about death to visitors to the Master. The latter half narrates how the Master undergoes a trial where he feeds on the judge and subsequently on (supposedly) a man of the law. Lyrics are amazing! What a scene to depict in an album!

Vocals. I like the imitation “Welcome to Kuru…… Dinner is You!!”. It reminded me of the clown in  Dethklok. Personally, not my favourite of styles of narrating but I guess it is best suited of the  atmosphere this EP creates, one of horror and death (although I should add comic too, lyrics really  got me laughing!)

Music as such is slow paced in the beginning, reminds you of a predator about to pounce on its prey.  The album builds up pace after the master starts his assault. Smooth and suave he kills and eats, and  soon the Master’s ghastly acts are presented in the court of Kuru. Here the sound again gains quite a  mellow yet infernal feel to it. It builds up to the climax where the Master (*spoiler alert*) turns out to be the king of the cannibals :D. Awesome shit!!

Literally breaking down to each instrument, the guitar patch set the pace and the mood. Percussions were neat, but that’s it.

This EP was something I was not expecting, conceptual, temperamental and best of all gory. Not like grindcore themes but yeah comic-gory.

All in all a 8/10 for a kickass effort!

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