Hyderabad Here We Come!

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Dark Tranquilty and Degradead (never heard of the latter) are headlining at BITS Pilani College fest Pearl. And I’ll be there. Dark Tranquility is like the daddy of Melo-death and is one of the only surviving bands of the earliest eras of death metal in Sweden. In LOTR terms, it is like getting to see Gandalf’s fireworks in the Shire yet again. Only this would be a first. So you’ve got to be stupid not to attend.

I hope it’ll be a “The Gallery” Fest, love that album. Anyway, hopefully i’ll see a couple of you there! mosh till we almost die. I don’t fancy dying to tranquility. Opeth had it been, i would’ve died thrice over.

Here a link to Degradead: Degradead @ myspace Let me know what you think.

They’d be doing a gig with Orphaned Land at Bangalore too.


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