Surtur Rising. Cult.


A New Album. A new Cult. Amon Amarth. Yet again. Listen. NOW! : War of the Gods

Amon Amarth’s new album, due to be released soon, end of March, Surtur Rising sounds like its going to be another chapter of wars of epic proportions. To the band that introduced me to the notion of melodic death metal, I hope this album proves to be just has powerful as the Twilight of the Thunder God.

This song in particular sounded very typical of them, which I am hoping is not true for the album. One thing that puts a person off, is the lack of growth. But apart from the similarity, I still found the song amazing! Vocals the best as always and drums spot on perfection. For heaven’s sake my profile name is varunamarth :D, if not me then who would like it?  I am really looking forward to something great from these guys, along with Opeth’s new album. Hopefully it’ll live up to its hype :).


One response to “Surtur Rising. Cult.

  1. This album is going to be an onslaught of groovy mid-tempo songs that will (sometimes) sound like rehashes of their older songs.Amon Amarth is probably the only band that can get away with this,because the songs will be awesome as all hell.They are the AC/DC of Death Metal.For crying out loud,do something different,AA.

    Can’t wait for the album though.

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