Deccan Rock is Here Again!


I like it!




Official Line up of Indian and Asian Bands to play this year at Hyderabad at the DRF MMXI ( I don’t why I wrote it like this, somehow I just prefer it)

Abandoned Agony (Bangalore)  [not heard]
Evergreen (Cochin)                       [not heard]
Escher’s Knot (Chennai)               [Mehuggah/LOG/ our very own BM rip offs, But still neat]
Devoid (Mumbai)                          [Mindfuck]
Artillerie (Delhi)                            [Noble Luke FTW]

Asian Acts:

Almost none of them have I heard. I’ve got to start brushing up on my metal trivia! Nervecell is one the most promising bands I have heard in recent times.

Funeral in Heaven – Black Metal from Sri Lanka
Absence of The Sacred – Thrash/Death Metal from Singapore
Antim Grahan – Melodic Black Metal from Nepal
Orator – Death/Thrash Metal from Bangladesh
Nervecell – Death/Thrash Metal from Dubai
Violent Eve – Melodic Death Metal from Spain

As for the headliners, still not out. With the likes of Amon Amarth last time, rumours about Cannible Corpse coming have been officially dismissed. Suffocation is still an option. It’ll be awesome if they did play in India. It’d give the scene here a good boost, not that it is required. India now seems to have finally woken to the genre of metal, many good bands on the list and many more that would come on it soon!

Meanwhile Cradle of Filth is visiting town in April. Here’ s a facebook link with some details. facebook event for COF

As for the headliners watch the Orka networks page, which I should say is hardly maintained at all.


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