The Fathomless Mastery [2008]. Not Really.

Bloodbath is essentially one of the best bands that I’ve come across. An amalgamation of the best of death metal artists there are, this band has really lived up to their expectations. With Mikael handling vocals nothing can go wrong. And, going against many opinions here, I quite like the work done by Martin Axenrot in his works with both Opeth and this project here with Bloodbath back in 2008. And about the other members, Katatonia I trust. However the sound here is so different. I had had this album in my collection for a long time without me actually having heard it.

First things first, I found both Nightmares Made in Flesh and The Wacken Carnage, both, more entertaining than this venture of theirs. I can’t pin point where exactly they lack because of the fact that I like this album. But there comes a point in the album where one goes like what-more? Like I said before, this band couldn’t be more jazzed up with all the fancy names in it, kind of like some Karan Johar/Yash Raj production with all the big names and big hype.

Coming to the production of this album, impressive. My favorites from this album would comprise of Drink From the Cup of Heresy, Iesous, Earthrot . Nystrom gave many twisted riffs, entwining perfectly with sick beats given by Axenrot.  Hades Rising was another track that really struck me with guttural vocals really getting to me, perfect to make a boring weekday afternoon worthwhile.

While the songs may be faster, when compared to their earlier productionand definitely more percussive and belligerent, the riffs remain typical to Bloodbath’s music, so while the differences will be very noticeable for Bloodbath fans, it wouldn’t draw a lot of crowd to this new brutality of theirs. The new more-true-to-death-metal production, even though quite explosive, wouldn’t have fared badly had it infused a bit of the melodic riffs that are quite prominent in their previous albums.

And then also, I feel this album lacks the sheen that its predecessors had. Maybe the face that Dan Swano didn’t contribute to this album made a difference. Yet it is still an album worth listening to. It certainly is amongst the better half of the multitudes of productions out there.

An honest 6.5/10.


2 responses to “The Fathomless Mastery [2008]. Not Really.

  1. Yeah man, Nightmares Made Flesh and Resurrection Through Carnage were amazing albums. I couldn’t really get into this last one. There was something very raw and fun in those early releases. Good review, and a really nice blog! I like the design. Will follow! \m/

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