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As the title of the blog would suggest, this blog is all about my opinion. “On what?” is what you’d ask and I would reply music. Metal majorly but I do enjoy other genres as well. The url: “metalochak” is basically two words, metal + alochak (hindi for critic :D).. The name says it all!

One response to “About This Blog

  1. Hello

    our new EP” MAZE” by Memories of a dead man is available from next week in France ; U .K ,benelux, and all over the world via i tunes; amazon, deezer , believe

    on mo office label / karoshi ent label and anticraft /mvs distribution

    you can hear mike armine( Rosetta ) on spoken yet never heard , yann ligner ( klone) on the other way around , thomas thirrion ( aqme) on commotion and alex Diaz ( the prestige ) on lighthouse a very special thanks to them

    with last teaser video about this record here

    We are currently working on the 2nd full lenght with the participation of lot of musicians including mike armine

    thanks to all for your support

    new myspace here :




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