Behemoth’s new DVD

News is abound about a new DVD due this November of Behemoth’s containing a total of about 5 hours of continuous death/black carnage! \m/

It would be going by the name “Evangelia Heretika”, featuring two full shows, music videos, documentaries and backstage footages!

Got this straight from Not much information given there either. Hoping it’ll be worth and more than the 5 hours it promises!

BIG 4 DVD footage available!



Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth have posted a free video which had various link for download, but i found the above version on youtube. Use or whatever to download this!

US users get weird advantages over, god knows why, anyway we’ll have to wait for the their DVD to release : BIG 4: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria. Till then…


Opeth’s New DVD

A clip from the recently released DVD of Opeth’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Waiting to get my hands on a copy of that DVD! Loved the Roundhouse (2007) and Lamentations (2003)!

The audio sounds rich and Mikael Akerfeldt has proved himself once again (not that he needed to). The guy has flair! Some improvisations done here and there but overall it is an impressive performance. And this is a just a teaser video… this DVD is gonna be epic!

Soon! Very soon!!