Prog-Rock Fans listen up!

Silver Tears, hailing from Guwahati are the latest meat on the block (along with Guillotine, I’ll come to them later). This band has been creating a lot of buzz in the Indian metal community, especially with supremely distinctive sound when compared to most of the upcoming bands here in India. Granted they are now on a totally different genre, but a change is never annihilative :D.

Their music is definitely different. Give it a listen here: Silver Tears – Reverbnation

I found it spunky frankly. Vocals kinda high (that could be a fault with the recording equipment too) but otherwise no glitches. Not the usual death/doom/thrash/atmospheric/black stuff that I entertain myself with daily. For me it’s a pleasant change, not a permanent one though ;).

Anyway their EP is due soon “Dirt Beyond Beauty”, 30th of this month in fact and the best part is that it’s free! free! FREE!! :D. So in case you did like the sound of Silver Tears do download their EP.

Their Facebook page : Silver Tears



And the EP is out. Bhayanak Maut has released their 3 song EP Metastasis, today at 000hrs.

Sounds awesome! The tracklist is:

  • Chakna For Church
  • Dear Name
  • Conficius

The first song starts strong, continues it shit till about the end, then it dulls out. Vocals are impressive, in all three tracks. ( I won’t comment on the lyrics because I don’t know them)

Loving the riffs, The music is custom made for a night with \|/, booze and headbanging. Get’s you started especially with loud ass speakers. Percussions awesome!! I like the influence of grindcore techniques in drums (during the verse of Dear Name), and whether it was intentional or not, neat job!

I wish they had more tracks, at least one more, and thus completing the quota of 20 minutes! 😀

Anyway a good material from Bhayanak Maut. I would look forward to more stuff from them.

If i were to rate this EP, i would give it – 7/10.


Listen to it on Bhayanak Maut@myspace

Bhayanak EP :D

Bhayanak maut have updated their facebook page with the news of a new EP to be released on the 20th of October. Looking forward to review it! I shall be critical because even though i love that band, I prefer Demonic Resurrection over it.

Anyway! Any metal is good metal!! 😀

Here’s their myspace link:



PS. EP goes by the name Metastasis. Good luck with that! \m/