Khaotic Art! \m/

The shit!


Arch Enemy is out with the album art to their upcoming release “Khaos Legions” \m/.

Deigned by Brent Elliot White (worked with Megadeth, Death Angel). Beautifully extreme. Hope the album is too.



Surtur Rising. Cult.


A New Album. A new Cult. Amon Amarth. Yet again. Listen. NOW! : War of the Gods

Amon Amarth’s new album, due to be released soon, end of March, Surtur Rising sounds like its going to be another chapter of wars of epic proportions. To the band that introduced me to the notion of melodic death metal, I hope this album proves to be just has powerful as the Twilight of the Thunder God.

This song in particular sounded very typical of them, which I am hoping is not true for the album. One thing that puts a person off, is the lack of growth. But apart from the similarity, I still found the song amazing! Vocals the best as always and drums spot on perfection. For heaven’s sake my profile name is varunamarth :D, if not me then who would like it?  I am really looking forward to something great from these guys, along with Opeth’s new album. Hopefully it’ll live up to its hype :).

India achieves Salvation!

Need more be said?! I think that yet again Madras is way ahead with Salvation, than Mumbai with Katatonia and Delhi’s Textures! 😀

Opeth all over again people..

Pain of salvation!! is touring India this January with gigs at IIM Lucknow and IIT Chennai on 22nd and 29th of January respectively. Most probably a promo gig for their new album Road Salt One. The above song is “Sisters”, quite a popular track although I preferred “Used”. No double meaning :D.

For those of you unaware of Pain of Salvation, progressive metal. Good stuff!

Give them a listen at their Myspace page: Pain of Salvation

Source: MetalIndia

Behemoth’s new DVD

News is abound about a new DVD due this November of Behemoth’s containing a total of about 5 hours of continuous death/black carnage! \m/

It would be going by the name “Evangelia Heretika”, featuring two full shows, music videos, documentaries and backstage footages!

Got this straight from Not much information given there either. Hoping it’ll be worth and more than the 5 hours it promises!

Rendezvous. Respect.

This is no big news or anything, but just general awe at the might of being an IIT hosted event :D.

This year in celebration of their (IIT’s) Golden Jubilee, Rendezvous 2010 (IIT D fest) has been holding prelims nation wide. That itself being quite a big feat, their Delhi prelims (19th October) are actually going to be like a mini GIR (of old times, when GIR was a competiton). A UK based band going by the name De Profundis is actually going to headline the event, that being the prelims.

I have never heard this band, so would comment on their skills as such. Their music is pretty neat though so its not a meager deal. Here’s a link to their myspace profile : De Profundis

Dates to other venues in India where they would be performing are also given. Give it a look and a listen.

Very impressive IIT Delhi, hopefully the finale would be just as kickass!

Reptilian Death



The new logo to this solo project by Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer (vocalist to Demonic Resurrection) is out. Designed by Mikal ‘Xaay’ Loranc who also designed logos for Demonic themselves along with Nile and Behemoth.

Check it out!

It seems like a really promising project. I have a good number of his tracks and they are worth it. Give them a listen @



India is on a ROLL!!! Katatonia baby!!

KATATONIA- My second most favourites after Opeth are coming. They are coming people!!! INDIA!!

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Couldn’t be more excited! *21st December couldn’t be more further away!

And it’s all thanks to IIT Mumbai. Man, IIT=baap. first they get Opeth, Ensiferum, now this. When is Thapar going to get anything at all? Anyway till that happens, do attend “Mood Indigo”. That’s the name of the festival.

Here’s the link to the fest :

And one to the where Katatonia confirms (still can’t believe it):

I have got to attend this one. I hope they do a “night is the new day thing” or something.

What the hell! Good day for the metal scene here…

God bless us all…