And Back Again!


Found an interesting interview at of Silenoz, guitarist of the popular black metal band Dimmu Borgir. Enjoy!

BIG 4 DVD footage available!



Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth have posted a free video which had various link for download, but i found the above version on youtube. Use or whatever to download this!

US users get weird advantages over, god knows why, anyway we’ll have to wait for the their DVD to release : BIG 4: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria. Till then…




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Song is for ANWAR, a southee movie. I like the composition but the vocals, had they not been in english, they would’ve have a heavier impact. Nothing much can be said about the instrumentation, this song didn’t seem as though it was written to display that (guitarist’s/drummer’s) particular skill. Nonetheless a good song!

The composition i liked a lot, (referring to the vocals) but like i said language could’ve been hindi or malayalam or something, this is a multi-talented band, they could’ve easily managed it.

Their myspace page for more stuff :