Happy 2011!

A new year with Orphaned Land and Dark Tranquility to look forward to, 2011 promises to be awesome!

Have a happy new year!


Devoid – A God’s Lie [2010]

Devoid’s debut, and how? A God’s Lie is just what the Indian metal scenario needed; solid, heavy and hardcore thrash metal.  The name itself is enticing. Makes you expect something good. And good would be an understatement. I’d like to say influenced by Slayer, although that’s not quite putting the finger to it. Devoid has found their own frequency and this album is proof to exactly how good they are! Hiccups in the lineup have not hindered in their path of making a quality debut album.

The beginning is highly inconspicuous. A very uneventful intro, A Silent Death, very silent indeed. Doesn’t at all give a clue about the bombastic tracks this album is loaded with.

Battle cry had earlier been released and it blew my mind away. But I didn’t expect that sound to shape into an album. What hit me first were the vocals. Endearing, should I stretch it. Very rarely does a band get the vocals right, according to me. A particular style suits each sound, and Devoid got it right. “Beer Song” was another single that I’d heard before. Sweet! A thrash track dedicated for the love of beer! My type. Next what hit me were the guitar patch and tone. Powerful and rarely overdone, just the kind I like. Riffs are highly creative, my favorites here would be “Devoid of Emotions” and “New World Order”. The title track “ A God’s Lie” has quite a complex structure and has been experimented with a lot, and been made awesome. Just made me want to see them live, gig-perfect \m/

Some solid drumming skills have showcased in this album. Apt, not too subtle or heavy. But it would’ve worked out even more if blast beats had been used extensively, I can’t help it, I’m just too biased when it comes to this! Lyrics expose a lot of ire, nothing new about that though. Quite typical of this genre, not that anything else would go with it either, no one’s expecting a lullaby.

This is a promising band definitely. I’d be a fool to give this album anything less than an 8/10