Gateways (Single) 2010

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Expectations run high from the latest album by Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra. The first single “Gateways” was released midway through September and already it is an instantaneous hit amongst all fans of Dimmu and those of black, in general.

It opens with a growing (in pitch) baritone-and-soprano-merged-into-one like voice which suddenly blends into double bass and heavy orchestral backing done by Shagrath and Storaas.  The sound is very much expected of Dimmu, do not mistake this with typical, for this track is a very big and welcomed change from the music of “In Sorte Diaboli” released way back in 2007. In this track Shagrath is assisted by  Agnete Kjølsrud (Djerv) who does an amazing job. This I had to look up for I was pretty sure it was a bunch of kids screaming on top of their voices. The last verse specially gives the listener the goosebumps.

The overall tone of the track is a fast paced fight, a dire warning and a message about who is The Master. The chorus goes:

Be the broke or the breaker
Be the giver or the undertaker
Unlock and open the door
Be the healer or the breaker
The keys are in your hands
Realize you are the source of all creation
Of your own master plan

The music creates an atmosphere of impending doom, helped a lot by the effects on the keys. Percussions are bang on perfect for the whole scenario, especially after a chorus of “FOREVER MORE!!”

This song has raised the bar considerably and hopefully the album would be just as savage!

(Due out today all over Europe, hopefully I’ll get it soon, Wait for its review!)